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What you can expect on Z Nation: Series 1 Episode 1

Well, Z-Nation’s not just another show about zombies… Here’s a couple of things you can expect… Are you ready?  

1. There’s a ZN1 zombie virus which has taken over the earth. 

ZN1 Zombie Virus - Z Nation

2. Murphy’s the last best chance to save humanity… Well, mainly because he holds the key to the cure for the ZN1 zombie virus.

Murphy ZN1 Zombie Virus

3. Everyone’s on the run (from zombies). Addy, Mack, Doc… everyone.

Zombies in Swamp

4. You get so see some pretty nifty zombie-fighting weapons.

Roberta Warren, Sword, Z Nation

5.  It’s kill or be killed… better watch out for that zombie baby and its overprotective zombie mother. 

Zombie Baby, Z Nation

6.  The team’s all on board operation bite-mark and the real adventure begins.

Operation Bite-mark, Zombies, Z Nation

7. Oh and one more thing – these Zs… they run really fast!

Zs, Zombies, Z Nation

Catch Z Nation on Wednesdays, 10:50PM | 9:50PM (JKT-THAI)!

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